Apple Watch saves life again! SOS feature rescues man from certain death, check details | Technology News

New Delhi: Apple Watch, known for saving so many lives with its features, has now done it again. The popular smartwatch has now rescued the life of a kayaker who was swept out to sea by strong currents on Sydney’s north coast. According to media reports, the man was at risk of losing his life. The incident could have ended tragically if it had not been for the Apple Watch. The smartwatch’s SOS emergency feature came to the rescue. The rower was able to contact emergency services by using the feature. As a result, assistance arrived at the right time. 

The man was drifted nearly 4 kilometres off the coast, according to a report by iMore. He wasn’t unable to come back to the shore, despite making attempts. At that point, he used the Apple Watch’s emergency SOS function to request assistance. (ALSO READ: Tablecloth for Rs 30,600: Netizens slam Priyanka Chopra’s homeware brand) 

Upon receiving the request, NSW Police Marine Area Command contacted Surf Lifesaving NSW and the Westpac rescue helicopter to begin the search for the kayak and the man rowing it. (ALSO READ: Will gift cards, reward points attract TDS on virtual digital assets?) 

The authorities also reportedly contacted lifeguards and Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club to help them in the search and rescue operation. “The man was lucky he had [a] connection on his device to make that desperate call for help,” helicopter rescuer Nick Pavlakis was quoted as saying in local reports. 

How to activate Apple Watch SOS Feature 

An Apple Watch has an SOS button that allows users to contact emergency services by pressing the side button for a few seconds. To function without the user’s iPhone nearby, it does require a mobile and activated plan. 

In 2016, Apple’s smart-watch series added water-resistance to provide customers with health and exercise data while swimming and participating in other water-based sports. 

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