‘Fix Right Now!’ Netflix crash angers Stranger Things fans, sparks memefest on Twitter | Technology News

New Delhi: Stranger Things fans all over the world were excited to watch the final season of the popular horror fiction. However, most were disappointed when Netflix crashed as a large number of fans flocked to the OTT platform on the day of release. Frustrated with the Netflix crash, they are now sharing funny, relatable memes on Twitter to vent their frustrations. 

On Friday (July 1), Netflix released volume 2 of Stranger Things 4. Many users were perplexed when they were unable to log in or even load the final episodes of the popular web series. As a result, many flocked to various social media platforms such as Twitter to find out if they were the only ones experiencing the problem or if others are also faced with the issues. (ALSO READ: Sensex falls 111 points; Nifty dips 28.20 points) 

According to the DownDetector, Netflix users were experiencing app crashes. The outage detection website pointed out that the outage peaked around the same time Stranger Things premiered. (ALSO READ: Bill Gates shares his resume from 1974 on LinkedIn, netizens react) 

A few Netflix shared screenshots showing that were greeted with “Error 503” on the OTT platform. On the other hand, others received a “Network Error” message and were asked to try again later.

The issue was not limited to India or a particular country. Fans from all over the world began tweeting to show their anger. Pretty soon, hashtags such as ‘Netflix down’ and ‘Netflix crash’ started trending on the microblogging platform. 

Featuring Millie Bobby Brown, Stranger Things is a popular web series that has now come to its end. The American science fiction horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers is one of the most popular shows on the OTT platform.

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