Amid SL vs AUS 2nd Test, Pat Cummins urges world to donate wholeheartedly to help Sri Lanka recover from economic crisis | Cricket News

SL vs AUS 2nd Test Updates: There is an intense match going on between Sri Lanka and Australia at the Galle International stadium but outside the ground, people are waging a different battle, that of survival. Sri Lankan people are suffering the worst economic crisis in the country and have taken to streets to protest the current government’s unwillingness to solve their problem Amid all of this, visiting Australian Test captain Pat Cummins has come out with a video where he is seen supporting the Sri Lankan cause. 

He posted a video across his social media channels to point out the hardships being faced by the island`s people, many of whom are not able to get two square meals a day.

Cummins, who is alsl UNICEF Australia ambassador, tweeted, “Sri Lanka is facing its worst humanitarian crisis in decades. I recently sat down with Kowsala and Sathuja (two local girls) in Sri Lanka to speak about their experience and learn more about what`s happening on the ground.”

“I have to say it`s an incredible country with fantastic people. However, day to day life here in Sri Lanka is tough at the moment and children are at the very heart of it,” said Cummins in a two-minute video on Saturday.

“I recently spoke to Kowsala and Sathuja who live here in Sri Lanka and are a part of Unicef`s Sport for Development Programme.”

The two girls narrated the hardships being faced by children in the country, with many forced to skip school due to the fuel shortage.

“Due to the current economic and fuel crisis, it`s been a challenge for us to go to the ground to engage fully with cricket. Because of the fuel crisis, transportation is a problem now. It`s very difficult for use to get the bus,” said Kowsala, the captain of her school`s women`s cricket team.

“The teachers are travelling from far and away but due to the fuel crisis, they aren`t coming to school regularly. Because of this, we have been struggling to learn. School is only open three days a week now,” she said, adding, “Most people are only having one meal a day. Most of the people who rely on fishing aren`t able to go fishing due to the fuel crisis. It`s very difficult,” she added.


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