33-year-old guy complains of stomach ache, blood in pee; turns out he was on his period! | Buzz News

New Delhi: A 33-year-old guy was getting blood in his pee for about 20 years and the reason will shock you for sure. 

According to South China Morning Post, the person identified as Chen Li who hails from a tiny village in the Sichuan Province of southwest China reported to his doctor that he has been getting blood in his pee and been going through terrible stomachache for several hours. He was even diagnosed with appendicitis by a doctor, but it didn’t stop even after the medication. He thought that he was having some urinary issues and went to a doctor for consultation. He was shocked with the reason as it wasn’t any urinary problem, he was actually going through his menstrual cycle.

He has earlier undergone surgery to treat a problem with irregular urination during puberty and for about 20 years, he was seeing blood in his urine. According to the South China Morning Post, Chen also had female reproductive organs such as ovaries and a uterus and was going through his menstrual cycle and this is why he was getting blood and an extreme stomachache.

According to his check-up reports, his levels of the male sex hormone androgen were below average but his levels of ovarian activity and female sex hormones were comparable to those reported in healthy adult women.

Chen, a 33-yea-old guy found the outcome disconcerting and requested a procedure to remove his female reproductive organs in June this year.

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