‘My cousins molested me, touched me in wrong places,’ Monica Dogra opens up about challenges of being Pansexual! | People News

New Delhi: Actress Monica Dogra is one of the boldest actresses in the industry today, she has always accepted challenging roles and get the best out of them. In a recent interview, she made a big disclosure about her sexuality. 

Dogra told that she is a pansexual (not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.) There was a time when she was ashamed of her sexuality but now, she openly talks about it and many more things no one knew about her.


In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Monica told that when she came to know about her pansexuality, she was surprised. “I was a tomboy type for a few days, then some days hyperfeminine,” she said.

Further, she added, “After knowing all about it, I suddenly did not understand who I am. I thought maybe I was bisexual as by that time I didn’t know the meaning of pansexuality. But I knew I loved feminine and masculine energy.”

Monica also said that growing up, she felt embarrassed about her sexuality most of the time. “I remember when once my breasts started appearing, I thought my life was over. My freedom is over I am becoming a woman,” she said.


“In India, my cousins ​​used to molest me. My family friend used to touch me at the wrong places in sleep. Through my work, I have expressed my truth, tried to tell my story to the world. If you see my music videos, listen to their lyrics, then I have been telling my condition for a very long time.”

Monica also opened up about her her secret wedding. She said, “I was married to a man and had to tell him that I feel attracted to my co-stars. He held my hand and understood me. Seeing this, I fell in love with him even more. We have now parted our ways and ended the marriage. I kept my marriage a secret from the press for a long time.”


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