Due To This Decision Of Gautam, The Whole Family Turned Against Him - Panchayat.In

Every Day A New Drama Is Being Seen Inside The Bigg Boss House Pic Cre Social Media

Recently, Gautam Vij Took Such A Decision Due To Which The Whole House Turned Against Him Pic Cre Social Media

In Fact, In Saturday'S War, Salman Khan Gave An Offer To Gautam Vij To Become The Captain Of The House Pic Cre Social Media

Under Which Gautam Could Become The Captain Of The House In Exchange For The Entire Ration Of The House Pic Cre Social Media

Gautam Accepted This Offer To Become Captain Pic Cre Social Media

Due To This Decision Of Gautam, All The Family Members Are Upset And Say Different Things To Him Pic Cre Social Media

Looking At The Reaction Of The Family Members, Gautam Later Decided To Withdraw His Decision Pic Cre Social Media

Even His Girlfriend Beauty Objected To This Decision Of Gautam Pic Cre Social Media

Bigg Boss Categorically Refuses To Accept His Point Pic Cre Social Media

After That, At The Behest Of Big Boss, All The Ration Of The House Is Kept In The Store Room Pic Cre Social Media

Now The People Of The House Will Have To Stay In Big Boss'S House Without Ration For A Whole Week Pic Cre Social Media